Final of Mr or Ms Sing – Filled with passion – Burnt with emotion

 In the hot atmosphere of the “Mr or Ms-SING” stage, the performance of the Top 11 contestants brought a new wind by their love for music and the natural and professional performances. Overcoming many other contestants, Pham Minh Ngoc became the champion of the competition.

The singing competition “Mr or Ms Sing?” is not only a stage for ones with good English singing but also for all the singing and English enthusiasts. Our aim is to bring you the environment to practice English in a natural, relaxing and inspiring way with your love for music. On top of that, you can immerse yourself in an international environment, take part in various gameshows as well as enjoy the special performances of famous groups.

Từ rất sớm khán giả đã có mặt đông đủ - SSDH

Organizing this competition, Annalink OSHCstudents not only want you to shine on the stage with your passion for singing, but also hope you will be confident and love English and become more successful in the future.

The program also offers valuable prizes for those who win high prizes in the contest. The first prize winner of BUSTER will receive 1 iPhone 7 Red, and 5 million in cash + 5 million scholarships at the English center. Candidates who win GUNTER, MEENA, MIKE, ROSITA, or JOHNY will receive 2 million VND in cash, attractive gifts + 3 million VND scholarships at English centers.

The atmosphere of the final was heated up by the opening performance of the Blue Band with the song Happy which brought the excitement to the audience. After that, the students also got some English learning tips to achieve the best effect.

Các vị giám khảo đã sẵn sàng lắng nghe phần trình diễn của các thí sinh-SSDH

The final round brought the audience satisfaction and excitement, the SING theme songs are covered including Shake it off ‘, Don’t You Worry’ Bout A Thing, All of me. They were shown in a youthful and vibrant way, all of which showed the efforts and passion for English singing of the contestants.

Phần trình diễn của bạn Trần Kim Khánh-SSDH

Phần trình diễn của bạn Nguyễn Hoàng Minh Ngọc-SSDH

Bạn Phạm Minh Ngọc đang thể hiện ca khúc của mình -SSDH

Bạn Nguyễn Song An với ca khúc "Shake it off"-SSDH

In addition to performing songs that are very comfortable and suitable for their age, contestants also answered the judges’ English questions related to the song as well as their feelings on the song they performed.

Mr. Mina Fakhouri said, “I think young Vietnamese people are very talented, especially through the clips sent to “Mr or Ms-SING?” I am very impressed with your ability to speak English, very good and natural. The candidates are intelligent and hard working to conquer challenges.”

Ngài Mina Fakhouri - Đại diện nhà tài trợ Allianz Global Assistant Australia

Mr. Ivan McKinney – General Director of ISA guardian company expressed his feelings and shared: “I think the Top 10 are extremely excellent, not because of luck but because of your true talents. The “Mr or Ms-SING” contest is really a meaningful program to help you show your confidence and conquer your ability to sing in English.”

Ngài Ivan McKinney - Giám đốc điều hành công ty ISA Guardian & Welfare Services - đơn vị tài trợ cuộc thi

In the end, the championship belonged to the sweet voice Pham Minh Ngoc. Our beautiful and talented girl shared, “I don’t really think I will win the first prize today, I just try as much as I can and have a passion for English. Thank you, Annalink for organizing a meaningful competition for us so that we can have the opportunity to show our love for English music.”

Bạn Phạm Minh Ngọc đạt ngôi vị cao nhất của "Mr or Ms SING"-SSDH

The next prize went to Tran Kim Khanh, a potential contestant of “Mr or Ms-SING,” sharing that: “Being in the final to show my passion for singing English songs is really lucky for me. Today I’m happy to have a lot of friends who are from different schools who I’ve never met but cheered me on a lot.”



The success of this year’s “Mr or Ms – SING” contest is also an impetus for Annalink to try harder in subsequent events in a new unique format. The program wishes to bring a useful playground for students who are passionate about singing in English; through the competition, you have the opportunity to improve your English, promote confidence, dynamism and creativity.

Khánh Ngọc (Annalink Team)

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