Annalink Oshcstudents & Allianz Agent Party HN 26.10.2018

On 26 th Octorber 2018, Annalink OSHCstudents and Allianz organized the “Agent Party 2018 – Night of Mystery” with more than 60 overseas study consulting agents at Pullman Hotel – Hanoi.


he Party also attended by two representatives from Allianz Global Assistance.

Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (2)

Mr Dyrral Goodhand – General Director of Allianz Global Assistance, Australia

Annalink OSHCstudents & Allianz Agent Party 2018 is a tribute to the customers who have been with Annalink OSHCstudens & Allianz and also for the opportunity to exchange and understand the services Annalink OSHCstudents are providing.

Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (3) Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (4) Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (5) Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (6) Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (7) Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (8)

The party also has performances of Minh Ngoc  – the champion contest “Mr or Ms SING?” By Annalink in 2017 – & Song An – Top 5 voice kid in this competition. Song An also shared his experiences while attending a summer study tour organized by Annalink OSHCstudents in 2018.

Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (9)

Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (10)

At the event, Annalink OSHCstudents & Allianz also awarded the Best Seller Agent for the top three companies selling OSHC Allianz products in 2018.

  1. First prize worth 10,000,000VND: GCONNECK company
  2. Second prize worth 3,000,000 VND: EFA company
  3. Third prize worth 1,000,000VND: BINCO company

Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (11) Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (12)

Agents participated in the games, performed at the event and received lucky drawings from Annalink OSHCstudents & Allianz, a prize worth 10,000,000 VND belonged to the Royal company.

Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (13) Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (14) Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (15)Annalink-oshcstudents-Allianz-agent-pary-HN-26.10.18 (16)

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