Hello Kangaroo

On afternoon 18 January, event ‘Ready to fly’ was hold for second time in Ho Chi Minh city by Annalink and Australian student services providers including AHM, and ISA.


With a view to becoming a place where students can confidently express themselves and learn the tips from students who already experienced Australian life, especially to recognize whom with good English skills, the competition ‘Hello Kangaroo’ was again hold.  Surprisingly, the 3 first places were all for students from Le Hong Phong Gifted High School. Triet Minh Gia Tran, from French bilingual class 12, won the 1st prize with a mini Ipad valued 10 million VND.  Having been three times exchanged to France and Australia, Triet was very confident with his English and experience in studying and living abroad.




Board of Judge: Mr Giles Newmarch (Business Mangager of AHM) and Mr Ivan Mckinny (Director of ISA)





Ms Ha Phuong (Business Manager of Annalink), Mrs Hoang Le Minh (Vice Director of Annalink), Mr Ivan Mckinney (Director of ISA), Mr Giles Newmarch (Business Manager of AHM) with the winners

Our Partners

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  • Kings Education
  • Flywire
  • Inus
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