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With the current trend, transfer of money to study abroad is an urgent need for parents and students. But which channel transfer is most appropriate?

  • Via official financial institutions: safe but high cost.
  • Through unofficial financial institutions: low cost but no paper certification.

So how to solve the two issues cost and safe? Annalink – OSHCstudents will help you resolve the problem via the international remittance channel

Edupay is designed to help international students minimize the cost of transferring money overseas: tuition, living expenses, insurance costs.



Website will help you to transfer money to abroad quickly, safely & economically

Edupay can support:

  • Accurate information on the cost of transferring international money from Vietnam to Australia, at rates.
  • Tracking the process is very transparent through Edupay, customers will know exactly where their money and when will complete the transfer to the beneficiary.
  • Additional services such as overseas student insurance, visitor & work insurance, airport transfer, sim card phone country, find accommodation abroad.
  • Online consulting and 24/7 support.

Why to choose Edupay?

  • Saving money, transfer money quickly only from 3-5 days
  • Safe and completely transparent information
  • Online registration is fast and convenient,
  • Annalink OSHCstudents team always support and protect customer’s benefits in emerging situations.

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